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Warrior Is A Child

"Lately I've been winning battles left and right . But even winners can get wounded in the fight.
People say that I'm amazing, I'm strong beyond my years.
But they don't see inside of me I'm hiding all the tears.
Unafraid because His arrow is the best, but even soldiers need a quiet place to rest.
People say that I'm amazing, I never face retreat.
But they don't see the enemies that lay me at His feet.
They don't know that I come running home when I fall down.
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around.
I drop my sword and cry for just a while 'coz deep inside this armor,
The warrior is a child"

You already know my name, let’s go further in details.
-I encounter a lot of obstacles in my life’s journey, but God is my Best Armor
-My family is the best gift I could ever have in my whole life; I’m never trading 'em even into a million dollars
-I treasure my friends for they build me up and rarely tear me down. I prefer male friends for they are more likely to be outgoing, cool, and real while females are often judgmental. Although, I have few real female friends and they were all tested.
-I don't have a pretty face, a good figure, an outstanding charm. I'm just a very ordinary girl, but can stand out of the crowd by smiling!
-I’m in an open relationship patiently waiting for that bad-boy-type of guy, who’s willing to stay whatever the weather could be
-It hurts the hell out of me every time I fall
-I am fascinated with the colors: purple, green & orange
-I like eating anything with dairy products, ice cream, cake, chocolates & frapps! Uhmmm! Yummy!
-I love Winnie the Pooh for its huggable structure; I love hugs, just saying!
-I collect sweaters/jackets and bags from my favorite stores
-I love photography & art, but doing such an art is my weakness. LoL!
-Love watching romantic movies but I don’t believe in happily ever after, it only happens in fairy tales. Whether I like it or not, life isn't a fairy tale. My parents' love story is my favorite among all the romantic stories I've ever seen and heard.
-I drink occasionally but I don’t smoke
-Can’t stand a couple of an hour without my mobile phone, but it pisses me off when someone keeps on sending GMs and quotes every 15mins. OMG!
-Net surfing & shopping are my addictions, isn't it obvious?
-Music is my passion. At this point of my life, it is my boyfriend. It takes me away from the harshness of the world. It calms me down & changes my mood
-I have my own dreams & I’m gonna make 'em. One day, I’ll be somebody.
-There’s one simple thing I wanna do in my life but I never did. To play under the rain
-Living life to the fullest, taking one day at a time
-Emo is just a word; it won’t describe me in anyway though I’m a sentimental type of person
-I’d rather pour all my emotions in writing than sharing them with anyone
-What you see in me is not always what you get 'coz I often cover up the negative emotions running through my veins
-I never get what I want although I sometimes do. LoL!
-I’m quite happy-go-lucky & sometimes irritating – my purpose in life is not to please anybody
-I might come across as uninterested & stuck-up but that’s because I’m really shy
-I’m an epitome of annoyance. I am just too hyper & can’t stop talking & laughing with those I am close with
-I say random things at random times
-I’m not perfect but I try to be anyways, but the fact is... I really can't!
-I’m a good girl with dirty tongue! You better watch out!
-If you can’t handle my brutality, don’t even dare mess up with me!
-I hate fakes & backstabbers! Just say it straight to my face & direct to the point. I’ll be listening and I can be nice too. HAHAHA
-I dump liars & cheaters. I forgive small lies but not huge ones! Be careful!
-I can give second chance if and only if you have to prove me that you deserve it!
-I definitely don’t give third chance no matter what you do, even if you kneel down dying to bring back what had lost. Enough is enough!
-I’m good with people who are good to me
-I don’t wanna end up hurting someone but if you hurt me, I hurt you more with my sweetest revenge you could never forget!
-I say every swear word I know when I'm bitter! That's normal, I'm not a hypocrite!